What is Paintless Dent Removal? 

Dents First, based in Nottingham and serving Derbyshire and the East Midlands, are acknowledged experts in specialist PDR repairs having been using the technique since its inception around 20 years ago.

Paintless Dent Removal (normally abbreviated to PDR) is a quick and very cost effective method of removing dents and dints from vehicle bodywork without the need for filling and respraying.  It only requires the original paint finish to remain unbroken.   The technique can be applied both steel and aluminium body panels making it suitable for almost all makes and models of cars and light vans.  PDR can be used on dents up to around the size of a football.  Some 90% of the total vehicle bodywork area including bonnets, doors, tailgates, front and rear wings and roofs (including hail damage) can be repaired in this way.

Dents are removed by inserting rods behind the damaged panel and skilfully working the metal back to its original shape without damaging the paintwork.  These rods can be inserted into doors through the openings for windows, into rear wings by removing light clusters and via numerous other routes which vary from vehicle to vehicle.  This form of repair is invisible and restores the vehicle to its original condition without the use of fillers and after market paints. It also eliminates the tell tale signs of bodywork repairs such as colour matching problems and overspray so maintaining the value of your vehicle.

A newer form of PDR involves attaching a specialist glue stick to the outer, painted surface of the panel and using this to pull dents out (as opposed to pushing them out from the rear).  This adds versatility to the technique and provides a useful option where it is difficult to gain access to the rear of the dented panel.  This alternative method has the benefits of PDR and also results in an invisible repair.

Dents First pride themselves in successfully tackling those larger and more complex repairs that other PDR companies have said can’t be done.  So, however bad it looks, give Dents First a call for a fast, friendly quote and a first class repair at a highly competitive price.  And, of course, all Dents First PDR repairs are fully warranted.