Hail Damage Repair 

The Hail Damage repair service offered by Dents First in Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire and across the East Midlands provides unrivalled expertise in the repair of damage to vehicles caused by, for example, severe weather and hailstones

Hail damage can differ markedly from one vehicle to the next.  Some may require only very minor work as they have suffered only a handful of shallow dents whilst other vehicles can sustain a myriad of deeper dents across the roof and other panels. 

Dents First pride ourselves on having the skill and patience to remove these dents one by one using the Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) technique.  The advantages of this method are that the repair is invisible and the vehicle is restored to its original condition without the using fillers and after market primers and paints.  It also eliminates the tell tale signs of traditional body shop repairs such as colour matching problems and overspray which can devalue your vehicle when you come to sell it. 

Particular skills are needed to access and repair roof dents which often necessitates removing and replacing the inner roof headlining.  Fortunately, Adey Shaw AMIM, the proprietor of Dents First, has over twenty years’ experience in PDR repairs and has been in the motor trade for longer still both as a mechanic and as a body repair technician.  So you can rest assured that your repair really is in expert hands!

So, if you need help give Dents First a call for a quick and highly competitive quotation, a fully guaranteed high quality repair and friendly service.