What is Paintless Dent Removal (PDR)?

Paintless Dent Removal (normally abbreviated to ‘PDR’) is a quick and very cost effective method of removing dents and dints from vehicle bodywork without the need for filling and respraying.  Dents are removed by inserting rods behind the damaged panel and skilfully working the metal back to its original shape without damaging the paintwork.  This form of repair is invisible and restores the vehicle to its original condition without the use of fillers and after market primers and paints.  The only requirement is for the original paint finish to have remained unbroken. 

Can this technique be used on aluminium bodywork?

Absolutely, PDR works just as well on aluminium panels as it does on steel bodywork and so it is applicable to almost all makes and models of vehicle from city cars to the most exotic brands.

What areas do you cover?

Dents First is based in Nottingham but operates across the East Midlands covering, for example Nottingham, Leicester, Derby, Newark, Grantham and Loughborough.

Where can the vehicle repair take place?

Within reason, anywhere you like!  We can repair your vehicle at your home, at your place of work, or even whilst you’re having lunch with friends!  Essentially, anywhere that is convenient for you.

Must the vehicle be under cover?

No, repairs can be completed in the open and usually are.  Dry weather is preferable but repairs can often be carried out in light rain if necessary.  How cool is that?

How long does a repair take?

Most repairs typically take around 45 minutes but it does depend on the size, shape and complexity of the dent and where it is located.

How much will it cost?

All dents are different and therefore all quotations are made individually.  However, our prices are highly competitive.  Furthermore, a fixed quote will always be provided before any repair is started and, unlike some other PDR companies, we don’t charge VAT (saving you even more money).

Will I have to replace paint sealant the dealer applied from new?

No, the surface of the panel being repaired remains in its original condition.  Any reputable paint protection sealants and surface finishes applied by a dealer will remain completely intact.

Is your work warranted?

Yes, we are very proud of our reputation and all repair work is fully guaranteed.

Why choose Dents First?

This technique requires much skill and a wide knowledge of the way vehicles are constructed.  Adey Shaw, the proprietor of Dents First, has almost twenty year’s experience in PDR repairs and has been involved since the technique was in its infancy.  In recognition of the high quality of Adey’s work and his knowledge of PDR he is today a member of PDR UK an invitation only industry group of Paintless Dent Removal experts.  In addition to having the skill and experience required for a first rate repair, Dents First offer firm quotations, highly competitive VAT free prices and a guarantee to give complete peace of mind.