Body Panel Repair 

The Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) repair service provided by Dents First in Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire and the East Midlands offers class leading expertise in the repair of damage to car and light van body panels resulting from accident, vandalism, impact from door edges, road debris, shopping trolleys and a myriad of other causes.

PDR is a quick and cost effective method of removing dents and dints from vehicle bodywork without the traditional need for filling and respraying.  All it requires is for the original paint finish to remain unbroken.   The technique can be applied to both steel and aluminium body panels making it suitable for almost all makes and models of cars and light vans.  

Each dent is removed by inserting rods behind the damaged panel and skilfully working the metal back to its original shape without damaging the external paintwork.  These rods can be inserted into doors through the openings for windows, into rear wings by removing light clusters and via numerous other routes which vary from vehicle to vehicle. 

The repair is invisible and restores the vehicle to its original condition without the use of fillers and after market primers and paints.  It also eliminates the tell tale signs of bodywork repairs such as colour matching problems and overspray so maintaining the value of your vehicle when you come to resell it.

Dents up to around the size of a football can be repaired.  Some 90% of the total vehicle bodywork area including bonnets, doors, tailgates, front and rear wings and roofs (including hail damage) can be repaired in this way.  Even if the dent is on a corner, over a swage line running along the car or near a handle or trim strip it can normally be repaired.

If you need help with dent removal give Dents First a call for a quick and highly competitive quotation, a fully guaranteed high quality repair and friendly service.